Skull Creek

★★★ Skull Creek, Home of the Ghost Bullys ★★★


Please allow region windlight for the best experience.

Welcome to our sim! We encourage you to explore, take photos, relax or ride the track.

For those needing to rez a bike or other object, there is a rez area at the track.
Track Teleport

★ For Photo Lovers and Bloggers ★

Please add any pics you take from here to our Skull Creek Flickr page.
We also ask that you credit the Skull Creek sim in your blogs or Flickr.

There are several tip bottles around the sim as well as large donation boxes. Donating to the dogs helps with real life abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Our real life donations generated from SecondLife can be seen at the landing point in the Info Center.

Exploring the sim on foot is the best way to take it all in.

★ For Motorcycle Riders ★

The tp to the track and rez area is at the landing point.
For MC’s or multiple riders, please contact our Road Captain Dusti-Rose Dobbs to schedule a ride. We will be certain to restart the sim just prior to your ride out.

★ Sim Rules ★

Not many rules other then the obvious. Respect the sim and other visitors. No harassing, spamming, begging or advertising. We have zero tolerance for rudeness. No gesture spamming or loud, obnoxious noises. No weapons. If you are seen being annoying or pestering, you will be banned without warning.

Nudity is fine if taking photos. This is a moderate sim, it is not a sex sim. Keep it classy.

We strive for everyone to have an enjoyable experience while visiting.

We hope you enjoy your time here at Skull Creek.

For any info, questions, comments or concerns please contact me.

Racey, GBMC President